Monday, March 02, 2015

uni work

I wasted my long weekend but veiwed not diving heavily into reading for new uni material as a mental bandade,i did what I felt like,planted some seeds organised cutting and researched what to do with the moth orchids I got off thrOw table at Buunings,
now last night I delved into the guide,apparently it been revamped  as students feedback drew attention to the lack of connection to the earlier Drawing unit, looking briefly at the exercise for first submission I think its going to be like perceptive drawings, I cant think of the artist and the work he did that typifies what I may be working towrds but it looks intersting,the presentation of the sub Im not sure of yet. Tonight I will be doing the usual intro on BB on Curtin,then reading more,research is via videos but the boys have swiped the net speed and it wont reset til Thursday.

The cortisone shot has not done anything yet and hoping it will be like the last one and take three weeks to do any good. Unfortunately the left shoulder is twinging again,a few friends have suggested workers comp but after the treatment I got before no way,if it wasnt forvthe dreadful work siuation Im in I would recover in time. The pain is wearingme down and I just wan to sit and sook,management as usual couldnt give a toss,in fact theyare energetically avoiding me,good one less thing to deal with.

my messy garden with promise of new future
 Resident Mr Praying Mantus,hes moved in permanetly onto fly trap,hilarious to watch

Norwegian top from CharlyIxchel Fibre Farm

 Cormo skein now in biggest ball ever on ball winder
 This yummy Heavy metal is now in a big ball too
 And family confernece on how to do an important report
messy table equal me not being able to do any art work this last weekend lol


  1. Oh, lovely spinning and cake of wool too.
    Hope the pain killing effect kicks in soon. I think most government departments or institutions are unfeeling and treat you as a number and an annoying number at that too. Bah humbug to them and I hope your new course work goes well and those men clear the table for you.