Sunday, June 25, 2006

Better late

Than never! I have had to fight to get the computor this week and but I managed to get it a late Sunday(for me as I have to be up at 4 in the morning for work(I need the money))
Anyhow Below is my long awaited stove that still needs the electrician for the oven side,but the gas bits work!

Now it makes the rest of what is left of the kitchen look decidedly crappy but we are getting there!

See the tiles? I grouted them myself at the end of a very long busy day finishing them at 6.15pm just as Hubby walked in from his work! I am rather proud of my work (though it iseasy to do as long as you don't mind getting very dry sandpaper hands for acouple of days after!

I have finished one sock and am well on the way with second,pretty quick for me and I hope to repeat this speed so I can have some groovy socks in my draws!These are for a work collegue who has no ideaa that I am doing thembut they will be from a whole pile of peoples as it will look better as she is a senior person of mucho importance,but a really nice lady!

I even managed to get the colours/stripes lined up nicely too!

And some progress on the Country Silk Vest that I started, I think.... last week! Up to the arms holes and going up the back, lovely to knit with and hoping to start the cardigan shortly as I will not be wearing it this winter if I don't get cracking!

Another project is this one,some handspun merino(from Bendigo Mills) that I dyed and looked a bit yucky but has grown on me so desided that I had nothing to loose but try a pair of fulled booties.My first deliberate foray into felting.

I've been watching out for some soft suede soles precut as I am feeling lazy but the only ones so far to be found are for children sizing and I certainly am not that little in the feets area!

These are the ones I do when needing a quick thing to knit while blogging and are kept handy for phone knitting as well(I must go to Telstra shop and get one of those things you rest the phone on against your neck for a hands free and no neck strain)

And lastly ,Tilly,looking hopeful that one of her adoring boys will take her for walkies(which they did,fast energetic and thoroughly enjoyable(especially when the kids are getting you to pull the scooter along!!!



  1. Lovely knitting - I lurve the Country Silk Vest!! Tilly is so cute!! I am glad hse had a nice walk!!!

  2. Isn't Country Silk the best, I love knitting with it.

    Great socks, pretty blues!!

    Oh and DH is also d***head!!!

  3. The Country Silk Vest looks really nice. I like the color. Tilly definitely looks like she's ready to go play. :)

  4. oh i love that opal colourway, i knit a pair for my mum one year. how lovely of you to knit socks for your colleague, she'll be thrilled ^^. and i like your hand-dyed very much indeed. isnt the country silk a joy to knit? hope you're well :)

  5. It's all systems go at your place! You must be over your nasty flu.

  6. Anonymous12:39 PM

    Oh I love that pretty green yarn with the flecks. Ooooh.