Friday, June 30, 2006


I am up to the heel of a second Opal sock and have Yeeeeks lost the pattern (it goes everywhere with me in the knitting bag!) and somehow its gone...Nooooooooooo.....

Does anyone have that pattern? its a basic Opal one that if I remember right starts with 73 sts and is the one that The Wool Shack sent with every ball upon purchase, I am really desparate as it has to be finished by Thursday at the latest and I was doing really well and on target ! The recipient is a fello staff member and its a surprise for her birthday!!!!

Now I can read a lot of the pattern by counting sts but I want to make sure that both are the same.......
Please let me know if anyone can help!!!! I will be eternally grateful!
Oh I had to add this ,isn't he gorgeous and so cute in his little woodmans vest!


  1. You could always email Emma at the woolshack, I am sure she could email you another.

  2. I thought about that but I also thought they would prefer to sell a ball with it,and I have put up a note for assistance on their discussion board so I am waiting see if they offer!