Sunday, June 04, 2006

I managed to get to the wool that was soaking the vinegar bucket for a couple of days,(the Clinker wool from Kmart) and dye in it in the requested colours from a couple of people keen for house socks!
Now one lot was to be pastels.................
don't you hate it when the particular person cannot give you a definite choice and leave it up to the dyer to form mind reading miracles to produce the one they want!

Well I like it and its pastelly though I would love to add some light green and yellow in there,I will leave it in case it ends up a messy mix of colour!

This one ,well its not a disaster as I haven't decided what I will eventually do with it.....

Its supposed to be mauve/purple with pink varigation! But the colours sort of separated during the cooking process and I have greyish mauve that flecks of green/blue here and there!

Behold Galah socks!What does everyone think?

I was so disgusted that I jumped on Ebay and bought some Gaywool dye from Hawthorne Cottage as I really wanted to get past the fruity colours of food dye and get some earthy real colours of browns,purples,oh can't remember the others I ordered!But thats the idea anyway....

Here they are together,the wool its self I am pleased with for a budget type and washable though I did notice it did have some fibre cling ,after rinsing but it was lovely and soft upon drying!

I may just knit Galah socks,or just over dye with the plum colour when it arrives! Maybe its a chance to try a different pattern!

Another trip into LWS and picked up the green Country Silk(which I have already started in a vest) and the other for the hat in piccy, its 12ply and the pattern is more a 14 but I will play around with it and see how I go,the colours look great together....

Thats it! There must be heaps on the broadband as its getting slow with this entry,lagging and starting to be trouble!

One last thing( from Cuteoverload) Think of the brushing and grooming...............


  1. Cathy, could I ask what vest pattern you are using with the Country Silk?

    Can't wait to see how the Ashford dying goes!

  2. Rachael,I will answer you here in case others might want to know!
    Its a vest pattern out of Creative Knitting Issue 11 that uses Heirloom Cashmerino 8 ply and I am hoping that it will be okay as I am using 3 3/4 mm for rib and 4.5mm for main (mainly because its knitted on circulars and I only have those sizes in the longer length)when the pattern calls for 3 1/4 and 4mm.I am a small size but as the pattern only gave one set of measurements(no finishing fit) I reasoned that a bit loose is better than a bit small!I measured myself and think the 90cm bodice will look better over a shirt too when the pattern photo is shown worn on its own!If you get what I mean,have a look at Mag (hopefully you have one!) and tell me what you think!
    PS I thought a standard v.neck might look too frumpy so went round!

  3. I like the sound of galah socks, and that is the exact colour, love it!!

  4. Hey Thanks,I might as well go ahead to see what they look like,LOL.............

  5. It does look like a galah! I had a pet galah called Clarrie, once. My grandfather rescued the galah after a storm - it had fallen from the nest - and hand reared it. He gave it to use when they moved to town from the farm at Jerilderie. Turns out Clarrie was Clarice! She ran away to a big tree two houses down and brought her babies back every spring for the next few years. She was pretty confused. Before she ran away she imprinted on the dog and used to get under the car and bark.

  6. Socks it is then,but I want to get some headway with the Country silk vest first!