Saturday, June 03, 2006

Brrrrr,its been cold in the early mornings when I am starting work! I saw some of my red salvias were a bit burnt this morning so it must have frosted a bit last night! I hope they don't burn too much and survive for a spring revival! They're really bright against the dk blue plumbagos.
I am just getting over a nasty tummy bug that I am still not sure if it wasn't the yucky horrible sulphur yellow pills that the doctor gave me on Wednesday for a nasty sinus infection! I only took three and the old tummy started rolling and I was running by midnight!.
So there I was sharing the lounge with my 7 year old (no5) son who was curled up after chucking everywhere in his bed!It was warmer than my bed even with snoringDH,and I didn't want to disturb him anyway!
Considering I was bigger than Ben I thought I should have been on the three seater but no He was there first,asleep.........didn't have the heart to shift him so I spent the night curled up in a single seater!(I was flat to walk the next morning but I went to work (didn't eat or drink to avoid upsetting tummy) as other gardener was on personal leave for the day and we had another casual gardener coming in and I had to show her the ropes. I hung on till 12 then called it quits,very lucky we were only watering!)
Now Bubbles had been complaining of a sore tummy for few days but I still think my bug was antibiotic related as the doctor warned that it could have that side effect and should only be taken after food ,but I hadn't been eating much,hence my conclusion.
So the tablets have been thrown to the back of cupboard.I still have to take the Cera...something for my shoulder to try to get rid of the tendernitus(hope thats spelt right).He, the doc, wanted to do the cortisone injection into the shoulder but I was quite plain that we would try something else and needles were not going to happen! I personally think he was disapointed, (the other doctor wants to do MORE x rays if the sinus didn't clear,had enough of those too.....)
On the DH front he has cornered his underground manager and "upped" him and them for not giving him his Jumbo tickets even after working in that mine for over twelve months and seeing newcomers get theirs in a matter of days. DH is very good worker and well regarded so I think Its his persistance in pushing for a safer work environment (hes safety Rep for his team) that has held him back! Political B......t
On my work front ,I have just been told I have to apply to have the senor position when the other gardener goes on maternity leave, I have enough to do now and will have to fit in the retyping of my resume that was wiped when the computor died earlier this year. Oh well it will be worth it and my work partner has been great in giving me ideas in writing it properly for my current position though she can't help me this time round,I think I have a good grip on it.

At least I can use a spindle now and I think it right,I hope to do enough to make an egg cosy,How on earth people can spin enough to do a larger project! Okay maybe a tea cosy, it is relaxing and portable and fun, what can I say!

This copper head wasn't too happy when my two boys let it go after giving it a trip home to show me(I promptly roused on them, and made them transport it back to where they found it, poor thing!!!!!!!!!!)

He was only about a foot and a half long,just the right size to fit in a coke bottle!

The latest for the stash from the Bead and Opal Queen That I found on Ebay and I think was a great price and have since gotten two balls of lovely pink and cream Opal I think from the same store.I had seen this wool before on international sellers sites so was delighted to see it available here!Photos when it arrives!

Not much in knitting content this week and I'm sad to say I haven't been able to do much knitting either ,too tired,work,illness all take a toll but I had fun taking the usual floral piccies of great prettyness!



  1. Sorry you've been so crook, Cathy - hope it clears up soon.

    Um, aren't copper heads a bit, you know, venomous? I'd have roused on them, too.

    I bought some of that Opal as well - great buy.

  2. I hope you are feeling better, I hate being sick:(

    Nice Opal, you know how much I love that yarn!!

  3. Thank you for your thoughts,I hate being sick more for the fact that the house stops while I am sick and nothing gets done,and I don't get to do my fun things....
    Yes Copper heads are bitey,but Duigites(not sure how to spell it ) are more bitey and We do occasionally get TIGERs around here!!!!!!!!
    It goes to say,The two boys have been grilled on snake bite first aid but that doesn't do the nerves any good when they tuck bandages in their pocket as they go out the door!