Saturday, May 27, 2006

A Quik Chat

Yesterday morning!

It was 3 degrees at the coldest point that morning early!

But this was tucked up nice and warm inside to finish drying! This strawberry icecream merino angora handspun is destined to a special person who I will not name in case they see this page!


  1. So it even gets cold in WA??

    I love that yarn it is sooooo pretty.

  2. Cold!!!! The ice didn't melt off my wind screen last July one morning til 11 o'clock!
    3' I heard this morning? with a high of 16'............

    I love this handspun! In real life its good enough to eat,and I go all warm and fuzzy looking at it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. That is so pretty.

  4. Wow when my friend in WA told me it got cold up there i didnt believe her! lol. We have had zero down here already! Its gonna be a freezing cold winter everywhere in Aussie I think.

    Loooooove the yarn