Thursday, May 11, 2006

Not much to show

For this week as yet,might to try to swing a couple of photos tommorrow. The weather has been lovely here during the day but crikeys 5 in the morning is curling the toes! We had a light frost on Monday morn and our lovely science teacher Terry told us cherrily that it was 1' in Kal when he was out doing his walkies before coming out to Kambalda.Something I didn't need to hear as my fingers were decidedly numb even inside mitten(not hand knitted ones yet, as usual too many things on the go)
Heres a photo of another gehko that the boys found,no idea what he is but he was feisty little fello and gave No 2 son a real nip on the finger!
There a photo! Not knitting but at least its not all boring writing, see how I go on weekend.......


  1. Hey Cathy,
    Take heart with the kitchen. It is my 2nd new kitchen in 29 years, and the first time for the bathroom and ensuite. Wow it sounds as if you will be having a cold winter out there.

  2. Oh dear 5 in the morning, that would be a bit of a heat wave you would be having, he he. Only joking that would be so cold for you over there, I think us Taswegians are born with an extra layer of fat to compensate.

    Your posts are never boring, my kids would love to find something like that little fellow.

  3. Hi all, Thanks for the lovely comments!
    I am determined to get The Kitchen, so don't mind the wait!!!!!!
    As for the temp, its going to be 29 in Perth according to weather man but its cold at night,here anyway!So I am looking forward to a lovely weekend,sorry Sharon, will be thinking of you in.... brrrrr.... Tassie!

  4. Happy Mother's Day, Cathy. Hope the boys did you proud. :)