Monday, May 08, 2006

Isn't it fantastic, I woke this morning to hear the Tassie miners are out and safe ,at last!!!!It brought tears to see the reunion they had with their families and to see them walk was wonderful!

Here is the St Ives Mine Resue Team thathas just completed the competion(above ground) and did very well!

They came close by a whisker to getting alot more awards but as it is they

  • were awarded the Best New Team
  • First aid
  • and came 5th in the 15 teams that competed!

They came very close to a couple of other wards but they were thrilled with what they won!

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  1. It bought a tear to my eye too, Beaconsfield is about 35 minutes from Launceston so it has all been happening just down the road really. I awoke to the good news and then a constant buzz of a helicopter over head as the hospital they were taken to can be seen from my dining room window. It is indeed a miracle.