Sunday, May 21, 2006


I found out yesterday that Pat has another hockey game today(must be to make up for the June long weekend) so I HAVE to go in for a 5 oclock game,which means I can drop him and a friends boy off at stadium and fly down town to Kmart and grab a bit more of the Clinker yarn for me to play with(please note yarn diet long since gone!) and this time I shall also get 4 balls of black to make a plain v-neck to wear over school shirt at work,warm,practical and son no2 shares same size as me, so economical.
I am trying to be good as I have found some nice fleece,in my fav colours too, that I want to try with the spindles that I have just recieved from Canada!I have plenty of stuff here, buuttttt,(long pause) I want this particular type of fleece and any excuse will do! Shhhhh DH might hear......
Has anyone tried spindle spinning ? I have some info with pictures so will learn by trial but hearing from others would be great!

Edit,Mission accomplished,

  • 6 balls white clinker
  • 6 balls Black for work vest!
  • 2 sets needles
  • more rows counters,Lost old ones

Now I think I did okay,my other secret purchases are safely in reach...........................


  1. I got 12 balls of the white Clinker to dye and knit (thats 1200 g!!) and 6 balls of the nice forest green for a jumper for the boy!

    I have no idea what to knit with the 12 balls for me, but hey who cares!!!

    Wish I could help you with the spindle, good luck!

  2. Wow,I thought of buying whole basket but I know something lovely will spring up and I won't be able to have it!Soooo I was restrained!

  3. I have no clue about spinning and no time to learn, but it sounds fun. I love your fo's especially the bright jumper.