Tuesday, May 02, 2006

And I am back at part time work which is great as I can be home before anyone else and get a little peace before the boys arrive! I shall miss the extra money as all the this months full time work went into paying for a great big stove and new washing machine! However my partner is expecting so she will be on maternity leave in the next couple of months and I will resume the full time job for while!This months has been great as a training time for mr to get used to being on call and all the organisation that comes with the job! I particulately enjoyed each days routine so that the maximum was achieved !

See these handsome fellas, these are some of the mine rescue team that are training here in Kambalda at St Ives which on Lake Lefroy.Not exactly sure what their base is called but thats it roughly!
I put this in ( hope they don't rouse on me) as a thought going out the team of rescue people who are at this moment trying to release the two fellas in the Beaconsfield mine in Tassie. there aren't many training here(Kambalda) so they are very important peoples. These are the silent and often annonamous faces who risk their lives to rescue others! They know the risks and the danges to be faced when doing their job and most are volunteer!
One of these blokes is my DH( and I'm not tellin which one!) and already he has been involved with a few underground emergencies so I can say I understand what the Rescue teams are doing in Tassie and salute them for doing it!!!!

And isn't little fella gorgeous too, the boys found him one night after begging me to let them go out Steve Erwin style looking for lizards that come out at night! This little fello was actually more colourful in life than the night flash shows him to be! Hes on my hand so that gives an indication what size he is.I can't remember his name but will try to edit later for those interested!
The boys are so keen on this stuff that they have their own sites to tell all about their exploits!
Rest assured that this "slow" gecko was released unharmed back where they found him!

Here is a bit of progress on the Freedom cotton zip up(sounds better than cardigan I think) Very slow but I have heaps to do and its a bit boring and the cotton isn't so nice to knit with,hoping it will soften with the first wash!!!!!!!!

This is another KOGO beanie finished at last but I have started another grenn and gold one as the co ordinator sent another bundle of Totem and Cleckheaton this time with enough to do the scarf as well!
This blue/pink one isn't machine washable but was only$10 to knit while I was waiting for the second bundle so I though it was okay! I love knitting with these brands so I don't mind the same colours either .The Holiday one actually feels a bit felty but not bad to work with and it is made by the same Australian Spinners Group!
And this is my next spinning project,as after looking at Yarnivorous efforts I have split the roving into 8 lengths so I can try to keep the colours from mixing too much,well this the theory any way! All I have to do first is get the last of the White wool that has the wheel in its grip so I can try out this experiment!Should be fun!

Lastly this acute photo of my oldest taking my littlest to the little boys room while we were at the park on Sunday, he did this voluntarily and without be asked and it looked so cute watching T. looking after B.


  1. Back to part time is great - more time to knit and spin. I love the colours in that roving.

  2. So do I but I am swaying towards pinks/purples again! And in silk merino,alpacca blends.......

  3. Work less earn less but have more 'me' time work more earn more, but have very little 'me' time. I do like a lot of 'me' time.

    Great photos, especially of the mine rescue team, being a little over 1/2 hour from Beaconsfield, this drama is happening virtually down the road. We tend to forget the risks involved with this line of work and the brave men who do it.

  4. The St Ives team are in the big mine rescue comp this weekand and I hope to get there to see a bit of action.So far the boys are doing well and have even had rumours abound that they have a professional among them which my DH though funny as they are all novices! Son No 3 has hockey this morning so I am thinking we will miss the best of day!With luck I may have some photos!

  5. What a cute gecko. I've never seen one in those colours. I love the beanie, so bright and colourful