Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I have these two portable projects I carry everywhere for those few moments when a couple of rows can make a difference!

This the latest Kogo beanie which I changed to a skull cap style thing more to alleviate the boredom than to be different but I think it looks neat.I will get one my boys to model it when finished!

And the Patonyle pinks is still going!!!!! Poor hing is alone too,I really do a lot of knitting and have a plan in place to finish projects: 15 mins at smoko (school) to work on Kogo, 1hour or more at night before sleep, locked in bedroom away from kids who should be asleep(they do if they think I am!), and a few rows while things like posting ,cooking(burnt chops,he he he),sitting in car waiting for school bell(but only on cool days! I think every knitter does these but the first two are nearly a garrantee(unless DH complains of course!

And lastly I couldn't help but have another rose..........

Behold the other rose purchase,a Pink Peace,I haven't seen one in full bloom and couldn't resist,Nurseries are the same as Wool Shops to me ..........

PS Isn't it huge!!!!!!


  1. Love your roses, Cathy. Stunning examples. :)

    Glad the boys treated you well for Mother's Day and that you're fitting in one or two rounds of the sock even if it does mean burnt chops.

  2. Hey Cathy,
    your roses are lovely. Aren't they the most forgiving of flowers. Do you have water restrictions? I have put in roses of recent years and they give me so much pleasure. It is a pity water is so dear here.

  3. loved that pink patonyle, some of my favourite socks to wear :) beanie is looking good, and your roses and bewdiful

  4. Thank you all for comments,I vowed years ago not to grow roses for the work they need but going to a nursery and a very good one at that,with healthy stock I couldn't resist and have redesigned the new garden to fit them in!
    At the moment we don't have water restrictions but the price is enough to restrict over use anyway!
    I have shortlisted a number of new roses with a few old ones like Fragrant Cloud,Friesa and am dying to try the old rose called Pierre De Ronsard!