Tuesday, May 23, 2006

More stuff through the mail,kids fight over who takes in the red card to pick up the parcel ! There for a while they would ask as I picked them up from school "can I get the parcel today?",and be dissapointed when told" no, there was nothing today".
I have just recieved a parcel from Norway which held the ragg wool that I ordered a while ago from a lovely lady who was offering free freight! Enough for about two pairs for me!

This was through Ebay but Nicole Bow has since started up an online shop where you can source all different things from Norway,including more ragg wool!! I love the outfit that the girl is wearing on the opening page!Have a look www.greatnorwegianstuff.com ,I like to see the landscape photos of other places probably "cause they differ so much from our own.No wonder Europeans say wow when visiting down under!

I am going to use this wool to knit some warm socks(what else!) and am keeping an eye out for more of the thicker types!These socks will be just a basic sock easy no brain ones!

And another of my favourite 8ply sock yarn is the Filatura Di Crossa501, the last Fila that I did was a pair for my Mum(which I still haven't posted) and it was lovely to work with but not nearly as soft as this wool, to touch anyway.I have a strict list to finish, so as much as I want to!!!!These stay locked in the increasingly bigger Sock yarn Bin! Jane from Sweetfern( Ebay) has included some heel reinforcement and a sample of the yellow.There was a really nice green so maybe next time!

All the wattle is flowering around here at the moment and I have been wondering if thats why I have not been feeling on top of things,verrry crappy in fact,( even though I am still in the grip of this fluey type of bug). I had the flu shot at school a couple of weeks ago so am also thinking it could be part of trouble too! The last time I had a F shot was when I was only 8yrs old (my parents were spooked by a huge gossip thing going around that a very bad bug was going to hit the area so off we were dragged kicking and screaming to the doctors).

I am hoping that we will get some rain in July this year so the wild flowers will flower properly,we've been in WA for 6 yrs this Xmas and I have hardly seen any yet,only the little pink paper daisies and they were lovely!

Well things are looking very much on the go for the One Skein Swap, I am very busy planning a project to do with one ball or skein and I am really stumped as apart from scarves and mittens,what can I do! I don't want to felt as I haven't ventured into that yet, the skein itself should be okay as I have heaps in my stash,including handspun/dyed yummies! and a great friend in the LWS for ideas but the gift thingy.......The more lucky peoples have found the One Skein Book!www.oneskein.blogspot.com/Though with the samples showing knitted cupcakes, I would like to see more inside before parting with some hard earned sock wool dollars. I'm not sure if we 'talk'to our Pals or just answer the questionaire, but being the first time I have done this, maybe I will just stay quiet!

Well I managed to post a bit,I beat my teenage son as he commandeers the computer when home from work and I can usually only have free rein at 430 in the morn!

  • I have cooked tea/dinner(pasta bake tonight!) and then I will
  • pick up kids from school,then
  • have to be ready to go to a School Council prep afternoon at 430 to 6(another first for me) then fly back and
  • pick up kids from home then back to our school to attend a school Country Week meeting......Biggggg Breath...... so Son No 2 has a chance to go in the Hockey team in Perth and
  • hopefully remember to put some fuel in van in between!

I really feel like crap,

Oh I also have to do reading with No 4 son who is struggling, (he has a learning disorder) and he has a new Dragon of a teacher who will probably do wonders with him but is very pushy,and not very happy when told ,no we didn't do reading last night as kids were over the top and they are lucky to be alive this morning...........

Stay in tune,I have some wool angora handspun soaking ,waiting to be transformed into some gorgeous pinky something!


  1. Isn't it good Norwegian wool
    Sorry of on a Beatles tangent there he he.

    I sometimes have to ask the question are teachers parents?? I can remember having a discussion with middle sons teacher once who by the way was single, no kids and telling him that I hoped to be around one day when he had kids and see how he was then!!!!

  2. Lol,This lady is in her late fifties I think and I don't think she has ever had her own children,but she specialises in audio memory and wants to finish her Science degree in that area.She is possibly the best thing for my 9 year old,but I'm hoping she is going to make allowances for a child diagnosed with High Functioning Autism(for want of a better diagosis as he is actually a mixture of a lot of things including ADHD)
    I called her dragon 'cause she even had me spooked at first!
    Teachers are wonderful people and they need us as parents to back up things like homework and routine, making sure kids are in bed on time as they need at least 9 hrs sleep and that they have the right food and not rubbishy stuff bla bla,I get carried away....
    However there are some out there who are maybe not all with the problems that parents face.In my case ,the flu,work,over active kids, a pigstye house and a husband on night shift,dosen't make it a smooth house this week!!!
    Sorry I ramble,blame the foggy head....

  3. You keep on top of that teacher! If your son has that diagnosis you should be eligible for funding for a part-time teaching aide, he should have an individual learning plan, and the teacher should be bending over backwards to make allowances for him. How do I know this? 'Cos my son has Aspergers, another form of high functioning autism, and I have been through every hoop imaginable over this. At the start of each year I just point blank tell his teacher that he will not be doing homework, except for reading WHEN HE WANTS TO. If you need to talk more about this drop me a line, I am fairly militant on this subject as you might be guessing!! Hugs, Judy

    P.S. She ought to know that audio memory is something that austistic people DO NOT HAVE.

  4. I should have given you my email address! It's jmeedmondsATyahooDOTcomDOTau (obviously replacing certain words with symbols!) If you just hit reply on the comment nothing happens, so could you resend it?

  5. Cathy - you have been having fun with your internet purchasing as usual! Thanks for being so kind saying that I look terrific after having our new little Bronte! JT would be happy to have endless numbers of kids he loves the whole thing. Birth, babies he even copes well with the whole hormonal wife thing that happens too. I think it was Donna from Random Knits who is also knitting 'savananah' yours looks great! I'm not looking forward to that whole 'school and teachers' thing as my kids grow up. It can be so frought with problems! :-) Stripey

  6. Just reading your post makes me exhausted, Cathy. The Ragg wool looks lovely. I, too, was eyeing off the Filatura sock wool on ebay, but managed to resist (don't know how).

    Keep at it. I, too, have parented a child with Aspergers. Regular routine helped him behaviourally, but forcing him to read was impossible. He responded well to being read to and loved "reading" street directories, but sitting him down with a book never worked.

  7. You are the third person who has this special person in their family to contact me in the last two days!
    I think I am exhausted just looking at my "supplies" and I badly want(not need) two lots of fibre I found on a spinning site and they are just beautiful (look at Beatlewears aquisitions!)hmmmmmmm,yummy

  8. Ah, yes, the things we all want! Unfortunately for me, I not only got to see the Happy Spider's acquistions, I got to touch them - we were all at the same market last weekend doing serious damage to our savings.

  9. That wouldn't have been fair and I was so jealous,there's no markets around here and if we managed a trip to Perth,there's big possibility that time would prevent any fun there anyway so I'm left to look at al the lovely treasures all you peoples find,LOL I have too much to work with now anyway,more LOL........

  10. Hope you are feeling a bit better today! Do anti-histamines help any?
    Love the pics of the bush - it is so different from here. We loved the wildflowers outside Kal. :-)

  11. I am, Lynne, thankyou! I have to be as I have been offered the job of maintaining gardens of 6 GEHA houses(teachers accommadation) and have to do this after my normal work hours before kids get home so I am busy busy busy!