Thursday, June 22, 2006

Its been a while but heres a little entry....

Its on its way to a secret Pal! But I forgot to put the lovely card in with (info on contents etc) so I will try to find something else for a early 2nd skein and get that off as I was a bit slow with this one! Or maybe I will just send it on its own!!!!(I will pin the blunder on the kids as it was bedlam after school when I was trying to do it up!!!!!!!!)

But look what arrived from my lovely Pal!

Yes I had a peak but had to take a piccie of this exciting event!!!!!!!!

Behold a wonderful ball of SOCK wool,Anne! thank you very very much,I must have answered the questions really well for you to pick up my infatuation for socks in all the different styles and colours that are around!!!!!( (I am hoping to get a ball of Lornas Laces,I mean enough to do a pair of socks but I will nt be telling DH the cost of that shopping expedition!)

Now when I posted the other Secret Pal Parcel, I didn't put my name and am hoping it won't get lost and I was so, so, careful not to reveil my identity that I scrawled the Dangerous goods declaration,LOL.This a new thing for me to participate in and hope my SP enjoys the parcel!!!

Til the weekend when I hope to put some other all important woolly shows on...........


  1. Nice sock yarn. I have a weakness for sock yarn too. I love the card that came with it too.

  2. aaaahh sock yarn... they're playing my song again!

  3. Oh The excitement with each new socky ball! Heaven!!!!