Friday, August 24, 2007

English leicester,and bits

Heres an up to date of that EL,that Ive plied with blue embroidery thread,and some merino that I think came from the Parks Mills in central NSW,love to get some more of this!!!

Very happy with this ,my first forway into "exotic" spinning,Im normally very plain and classic minded!

This is destined for a crocheted rug though Ill have to do a bit more combing and spinning to have enough to do the project,it was fun enough not to stay abandoned in the cupboard,LOL
I have enough dyed in the same colour way so will probably continue this on and only add another colour in the mix if I run out...though now thanks to Mandie I have more gorgeous ones to try out!!!!!

Busy Busy Busy

Ok! its been along week of long days and long nights,Hubbys been and still is sick with a nasty virus,but not flu thanks heavens otherwise I would have moved out for a while,LOL

Anyway hes been busy setting up the cement works for this weekend as he teed up friends to come around to help! Might I add at this time that a lot of the junk that invariably made into that area needing to be cleaned out were not fibre goodies though a few dye pots were lucky to run for their lives!!!!

I recieved a couple of very important parcels this week! Mandie from Heaven sent over the lastest batch of dyed goodies from her workshop and also the lastest WildFibre Mags in stock,Ive just managed to get through them (those Muskox are gorgeous little fellas) and have fluffed Lotus Blossom ready for the wheel,though I ve run out of space there as Ive also started the glorious fleece that AJ sent! Looking a Finn fleece now......Hopefully Vicky will be cleared tommorrow as Im hoping two friends are coming up to play!!!

My friend Pam has a Ashford Traditional that broke its conrod joint but i managed to find a temporary "part" to get her wheel going and have since ordered more bits including(smack on hand) a precision Lazy kate which I hope will improve my plying skills!I am going to look out for a good second hand Traditional shortly as mine is coming apart and if I have to strip it to repair and tighten Id like to have another to continue but Ill have a serious look at this one first to see how much work is neede first!

I gave Pam her surprise of the Heartspoken Roving from Mandie and she was delighted!

Having fun spinning that black fleece but havent had the right time of day to sit in the sun with it as its much easier to comb when warm and soft!Speaking of which i will go and see if I can comb a bit more before H calls for more "muscle"!!!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Blasted Thing

I came back to edit the last post and it ate the edits and then split up the photos so much you have to roll down heaps to find the rest!!!!, does anyone else have this problem? or is it just me,maybe I should follow the trend and head over to Typepad,grrrrr

Anyway besides finishing the bobbins on the wheels,I aim to do a photo shoot of town and maybe a few tommorrow of Kal as a new PE from Scotland contacted me in regards to what Kambalda's like so Im doing a Kambalda Info post just for A and his family so they have an idea of what its like here, hope I dont scare them,LOL....which reminds me havent done the Dunlop one yet......

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Looky what arrived in the mail,the Postie lady actually dragged it out from the room out the back!!!
Lovely Aunty J sent over the gorgeous black fleece I drooled over while visiting!! I cant thank her enough for giving me the opportunity to play with a fleece the type which I took for granted when I learnt to spin years ago as a teenager (pure merino in the 21 micron range but clean and soft like this back fleece) Please be patient with the photos!!!!
Its merino X corredale! its like butter,the staples just need a frick on the tips Ill be able to spin to my hearts content!!
Its black and just undescribable, soft, clean as it was coated and the right length!

Ill be certainly be asking her to hold a fleece next year too!!! Wnder what Aj is going to do with that BFL,should talk her and Cousin K into starting a blog!!!!

3.8 kgs,itll keep me occupied for ages,already Ive got patterns forming in my mind! I should even be able to dye it a bit! I still havent been able to find a "just right" pattern for the lovely grey wool AJ insisted I bring home but Im so looking forward to knitting it because of the soft yummyness!
I ve already buried my nose in this fleece,Tilly was so very rapt with the smelly baa baa,she tried to eat it!!! My friend and work partner Kym thought it stunk!!!!!
At the bottom is a close up of staple combed and ready to spin! Its actually darker than camera showed!

Also a sneak preveiw of new tiles(ungrouted)

Ok Im off, starving I am!!!

hhhmmmm what to have......

Edited: I hope to free awheel up this weekend to start on this one,how exciting,at least it keeps my mind on that dratted job application,though instead of writing eloquent Saos,Ill be dreaming sheep,LOL....

Friday, August 03, 2007

Very Pretty English Leicester

I finally got to lay out these lovely locks to finish drying when I could

1 keep an eye on the JR in case she decides to play with Mums wool(she been known to make off with a bit)

2 its such a gorgeous warm winter day and the sun will dry them to the fluffy state I need to tease them out!!!
This blue I thought would be more purple but its verrry nice anyway!!

And to cap off my day Hubby is taking the two boys into hockey late this arvo so Im staying here with the other juniors(No5 is big and ugly enough to look after himself but Mums presence wont harm him)

I dont like missing the game but the younger ones hate it and Hubby has missed a couple himself just to stay home so it was fair this time...besides Dr Whos on!And I feel like spinning a bit!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Well its been a while but I just cant get over this fatigue bit...

Ive done abit of dying with the English Leicester but not all of it,I have a delicious box of colours waiting at Mandies so wanted to keep a bit to play with,LOL

In the meantime Im nearly finished the Studio Mohair so I can start this!!!! Hmmm,Buffalo fluff from Mandies wonderful EGMTKS....

Not sure yet what to make,despite all the patterns perused And I still have to determine exactly the meterage....etc.....but it looks like Choccy that much I know....

The Geraldton wax is now starting to show colour so thought I would put up a piccy just for the sake of it(and one of Son No 1 heading off to try out his new bars, hes in training to take part in the Perth Royal Show BMX Demo with his trick pals,which reminds me, book accomodation,wonder if they'll have a pavillion for all the things like knitting goodies....)

ON that resume , Ive had a look, and I need only to update details and add a couple of SAOs which I ve sort worked out but need to make more professional sounding of course!