Saturday, October 20, 2012

Another one bites the dust

well nearly,Im a few hours off from sending in Assignment one, with the last due in 4 weeks,I m excited to feel the connection with my work,only problem with this assignment is that I think Ives spread myself too far but the tutor will help me if she thinks I need clarification on direction, the trouble is I get excited about a
" thing" I want to pint whether its a flower poking out of the sand dune or the shadows under a spinifex plant,or even the glow of the shimmering white salt,time will tell
Anyhow havent got that much to talk about,
Knitting,finished a sock in 8 ply Opal,sitting waiting for friend to join it
Over the heel in another one in Happy,bamboo/nylon,very pretty pinks,took a bit to like knitting but once I got going was happy knitting especilly with warmer weather
Half way through Pretty in Pink,have to find bigger needles to finish front edge
Spinning,stalled big time there but have about two thirds of a bump of Charleys Navajo Sheep, Churro top,destined for socks sooo hoping enough yardage
Fell in and was naughty and caught a bump of Mandies Shropshire dyed top from a dear destasher on Ravelry
And saw a link on FB  by Mandie for another batt in golds etc oh my must resist !
Im going to plunge in and buy a pair of SAltwater sandles this weekend as a teat for finishing Sub,shouldnt spend money but they are a nostalgic reminder of childhood,Jesus Sandles,only have to choose between lime green and the limited edition ORANGE!!
Ok Im having a brief break from polishing off Sub so off to see what Retromummy and Foxs Lane are up to!
Just a pic cause I can
Edited to add,one link was wrong,Sorry!!

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