Saturday, October 06, 2012

Been out again!!!

Lake Lefroy!!
And my two babies
13 and 15 When with these stop growing??? the others are much taller so I'm presuming this two will go there as well!
Anyhoo,I went back for more research work and I needed to try a couple of ideas, I'm a little lost and need to connect Indigenous history with White man,i think I have something happening so will do the usual throw stuff around in VD and then get painting etc,this time I can also use other media so I'm giving poetry verse writing a go too
One installation idea...a practice run,thinking positive and negative,this is a sneak peak,cant reveil everything as I have to use it in Submission.
More floral..
And of course the ore train on the way home(we took the bush track along train line"

Don t think the driver was impressed or otherwise,he decidedly bored looking out the window as they went past! 


  1. I think the indigenous history is where my sister has the edge on you. She completed a BA at MAcquarie as a mature age student during the first cancer episode. She did Women's Studies and indigenous studies, as well as other subjects. She was planning on doing honours degree in women's studies, when she was offered a place in the first ever Masters degree in Indigenous social policies. Thirteen people across Australia enrolled at University of Technology in Sydney. Four finished, she was the only white person. I went to the graduation and then to a slap up lunch provided by Dept. Aboriginal Affairs. She learned a lot and I know what she learned came to mind in her travels your way. A whole new way of looking at things.

    Perhaps you may find a short course in something like this, even perhaps a holiday thing to start or something at Open Uni. iTunes also run many courses for free from unis, not all American stuff. It's a while since I looked. Could be worth looking.

  2. Thats the course I was advised to look at by a teacher about 5 years ago,I chose to follow art as I know I can do that and then add specialized courses, thinking of some sort of writing units after this one,many thanks for ideas,Jan!!