Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bumptie bumptie bump

Just a little chat,I cant settle on my assignment,it really is mostly the installations I have to left and heaps of experiments,but what,i have the research down pat,just have to do the commenting thingy and relate to my line of planning and thought,other than that paint the balls half black and half white,pack everything I need in a box ready to go on Sunday I hope so I can fiddle the next weekend the last one for any emergency revisit.
One idea...........

Found out I have to attend an interview on Thursday and while I was a bit thrilled I was referred to this, I am very nervous of the outcome ,the implications and my ability to respond in an appropriate fashion.
Heres a shot from the past,on the Darling River just before Hubby flew back to WA and we drove to Dubbo for Christmas,the river was rising fast at this point but when we left to drive home to WA on the 4th of Jan,Mum was cut off two days later so we timed it well
I shall report back later..............

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