Saturday, October 27, 2012


Im just taking a wee break from being artistic and having a coffee from Hubby's latest toy,with his latest hobby,Australian Coffee,this ones a mix of  Dreamtime and Skyebury Dk Roast, from Estate Coffee and Im told Wild Bush bean is his specialty.
There are some wonderful plantations of coffee here in Au, I knew it was grown here abut never knew much about it..Anyway Its a bit lower in caffeine so if after a hit it wont help as much as the "nasty" imports but I'm enjoying the Cappachinos as home (and at work as Ive got a machine there for my use)
I've been checking out some other blogs lately,well today anyway!!
Dairing ,OMG I want this and this and this. The first in orange,the second in black and the last in Grey silver..and they are just releasing a reflective yarn,so cool,I can see it as an edge to a hat or scarf. There is the red memory scarf kit I have stashed wonder which box.... getting past that,I still haven't ordered those Saltwater sandles, going for the lime as I can see them in my mind,if they are good I'll go see about the orange ones...
Pinterest has me in again,  found some more cool pics this morning while looking for inspiration, there's so much colorful and clever peoples out there,like Olga and  this ones interesting too, if I ever get to travel to the US it will be to get to Rhinebeck!!
Even this one caught my eye as now having a Knitters loom Im on the look out for interesting things I can do
Ok back to work,squeezing paint out of tubes and playing with bits... but a pic to leave with

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