Sunday, October 14, 2012


These holidays have gone too fast, I'm enjoyed the work on my own though it doesnt seem  Id done much cause we had two wind storms that came through and spread leaves and red dirt everywhere,the lawns have greened up except for one which I hope this next couple weeks it wll catch up.Hoping anyway as new **** isnt very desirable in that department and on all accounts ,well we wont go there.
Im on the down hill run for the next assignment,though I dont have to have these works actually finished I have to show some work,
I really like this one and thinking of putting it in as a finished piece but that's about all I've done so far except for those I showed previously
This little fello showed up today
So happy as sadly the kids came in last week and murdered one and injured his mate so to see this one who I think is the one I normally feed is just up lifting.They mate for life and if one dies the other wont repair,I rescued the injured one(he had a cracked skull) did first aid(kept him warm and quiet) called the lovely Wendy (WIRES) who came promptly and run her into the Kalgoorlie Vets where she was treated and apparently now at another WIRES carer. I shall be watching keenly to see this ones as safe I can make it.
Went to work this arvo as I couldn't get peace at home to work on assignment, didn't get much there either  but got a bit done
Kambalda Car Ute Bike show was on this weekend too, The Big Attraction!!
 Bestie Friends other halfs toy!!  Agrona with a full paint job,very out there!!!
Another of the old school bikes
 and another
Surprising no big Hondas just this little one
In a couple years Ill have one or more of my girls finished and rideable then Ill show them!

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