Monday, October 22, 2012


Im feeling tired this afternoon,hmm how interesting, well that's the truth,Hubbys off giving son no 3 the last instruction before he attempts the log book in the morning,now theres an issue,he said as they went out the door,havent got time,too much to do and blah blah blah,all I could think was,why didnt you do the little things before instead of leaving til now? why because hes a man and men cant plan....he let the dentist book our sons appointment first thing in morning,8.30,leaving one son to get to school here by himself,9.30 he rocked up....
I give up trying to fathom or reason ,Im quite happy to get up at 5.30 ,make kids lunch bags.get to work at 6 and work late some days,try to do something towards study when I get home and also get something decent on the table
The sheer pleasure I get from seeing my manicured GREEN lawns at school is indescribable not yellow and bare like before, I've learned to cope with the crap coming my way by treating these gardens as an extension of my own,it becomes more interesting,its less effort,i don't feel like a servant and if I'm ignored?  well who cares,I know I'm human and I'm only doing this job to give my sons a better chance and also to pay my own education,
seriously though I can stand in plain view and everyone walks past,they simply don't see me , lol it reminds of my Fathers veiwpoint ,peace and quiet with no A****** to annoy you,lol
Im giving myself the night off tonight,have a feeling Im coming down with no 2 tonsil bug,bugger,have an interview with new school for No 4 on Wednesday,and a dentist appointment too for me,God damn it,Ill swallow a pile of zinc tonight with horseradish by the bottle,helped before...
anyhow I might spin a little tonight
look at this Batt Oh dear,I must not look as I soo much spinning stuff its not funny! Oh and this one too
Ok another pic for fun!

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