Saturday, October 27, 2012

The juices are flowing

I have soo many ideas,if I can pull off at least half the final Sub will be really good,two weekends to get it all done,if I push through with the experiments today I should ok to do the final works and have it edited earlier,that is good as it means Ill get a longer break before next unit starts!!
Meanwhile I found this site this morning and am in love with its stuff!!!
This particular unit Ive used an ink nib for entries as before I used artline markers and the black soaked through to the other side making the whole presentation a real mess, besides the re dipping of pen Ive thoroughly enjoyed writing with this pen,the antique look of my half way tidy writing is a joy,I should use it when I eventually have time to write a journal
Not a very good example but it is fun and Im looking to enter diary more frequently than before, a plus,the bottle of ink goes much further than a thick artliner
Anyhow check this shop out, there's a couple of beaut Christmas ideas I'm looking at.
on my list for me..cant put too many Chrissy lists out there
Fountain pen
Lamy Safari Fountain Pen - Apple Green
Lamy Safari Fountain Pen - Gloss WhiteLamy Al-Star Fountain Pen - Ruby
But which colour?? Theres an awesome Graphite one too,pity they didnt have an orange one
And these writing journals are gorgeous
Cavallini & Co Leather Journal - Toscana
Cant decide which one I like...........
All these images are from the site ,I just had to add a couple here to show good they are.........
Im smelling roses at moment too,the third bunch I ve picked in a week,they smell so lovely and even if they are showing a bit of sun damage,it doesn't slow the nose, I have to get some ormange and yellows,got Friesa again just need to plant it,might go looking for an orange rose next in town,would love to find a spot for a couple of Icebergs too..
Possible ones on rose list from this fantastic online shop from where I found these beauties,go have a look,the number and choice is over whelming

 Ginger Meggs
Ginger megs
Golden Emblem (PBR)
Golden Emblem and couple of whites
Grand Finale (PBR)
Grand finale
Margaret Merril
Margaret Merril
This one looks interesting too
Knock Out (PBR)
There so many beautiful blooms and I only have room for one or two more,well when all the front yard is cleared of cars and the driveway is concreted and finished then i can organised rest of beds,a fig and a couple of citrus are going out there too,trying to get a cottage feel....


  1. I love notemaker site as well. Full of temptation. I bought lots of presents from their last year for Christmas and had them delivered next day by courier for not much more than total postage would have been.

  2. I was thinking of spending a bit on Christmas too from here,I love so many many things in this shop!!Maybe a special writing set for Mother and a pen to match! I know Id love one!!

  3. How gorgeous are the roses? It's so hard to choose only 1 or 2!

    PS: I'd like to invite to join the Bosisto's giveaway at my blog, I have 4 lavender packs up for grabs here: