Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Its raining,doing a happy dance,not good for work but boy my lawns gunna love it and the vegie patch,its cooled quite a lot so hopefully a warm day in the next few days will see things thriving!!!
The boys wont like walking back from the bus,only a few minutes but because I dont know which stop each will get off, I cant go wait for them unless I shadow the bus as it arrives in Kambalda,lol
Anyway Ill wait til a few minutes and see what the rains doing then!
This is a blog Ive been following for a while,she is fascinating with the sewing and knitting she does and the world she lives in!,go check her latest post out
another old flood pic,well two years old, the Talyawalka Creek, had to look up the spelling lol!
Trying not to think of the interview tomorrow,wish it was for another job....

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