Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Its raining,doing a happy dance,not good for work but boy my lawns gunna love it and the vegie patch,its cooled quite a lot so hopefully a warm day in the next few days will see things thriving!!!
The boys wont like walking back from the bus,only a few minutes but because I dont know which stop each will get off, I cant go wait for them unless I shadow the bus as it arrives in Kambalda,lol
Anyway Ill wait til a few minutes and see what the rains doing then!
This is a blog Ive been following for a while,she is fascinating with the sewing and knitting she does and the world she lives in!,go check her latest post out
another old flood pic,well two years old, the Talyawalka Creek, had to look up the spelling lol!
Trying not to think of the interview tomorrow,wish it was for another job....

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bumptie bumptie bump

Just a little chat,I cant settle on my assignment,it really is mostly the installations I have to left and heaps of experiments,but what,i have the research down pat,just have to do the commenting thingy and relate to my line of planning and thought,other than that paint the balls half black and half white,pack everything I need in a box ready to go on Sunday I hope so I can fiddle the next weekend the last one for any emergency revisit.
One idea...........

Found out I have to attend an interview on Thursday and while I was a bit thrilled I was referred to this, I am very nervous of the outcome ,the implications and my ability to respond in an appropriate fashion.
Heres a shot from the past,on the Darling River just before Hubby flew back to WA and we drove to Dubbo for Christmas,the river was rising fast at this point but when we left to drive home to WA on the 4th of Jan,Mum was cut off two days later so we timed it well
I shall report back later..............

Saturday, October 27, 2012

The juices are flowing

I have soo many ideas,if I can pull off at least half the final Sub will be really good,two weekends to get it all done,if I push through with the experiments today I should ok to do the final works and have it edited earlier,that is good as it means Ill get a longer break before next unit starts!!
Meanwhile I found this site this morning and am in love with its stuff!!!
This particular unit Ive used an ink nib for entries as before I used artline markers and the black soaked through to the other side making the whole presentation a real mess, besides the re dipping of pen Ive thoroughly enjoyed writing with this pen,the antique look of my half way tidy writing is a joy,I should use it when I eventually have time to write a journal
Not a very good example but it is fun and Im looking to enter diary more frequently than before, a plus,the bottle of ink goes much further than a thick artliner
Anyhow check this shop out, there's a couple of beaut Christmas ideas I'm looking at.
on my list for me..cant put too many Chrissy lists out there
Fountain pen
Lamy Safari Fountain Pen - Apple Green
Lamy Safari Fountain Pen - Gloss WhiteLamy Al-Star Fountain Pen - Ruby
But which colour?? Theres an awesome Graphite one too,pity they didnt have an orange one
And these writing journals are gorgeous
Cavallini & Co Leather Journal - Toscana
Cant decide which one I like...........
All these images are from the site ,I just had to add a couple here to show good they are.........
Im smelling roses at moment too,the third bunch I ve picked in a week,they smell so lovely and even if they are showing a bit of sun damage,it doesn't slow the nose, I have to get some ormange and yellows,got Friesa again just need to plant it,might go looking for an orange rose next in town,would love to find a spot for a couple of Icebergs too..
Possible ones on rose list from this fantastic online shop from where I found these beauties,go have a look,the number and choice is over whelming

 Ginger Meggs
Ginger megs
Golden Emblem (PBR)
Golden Emblem and couple of whites
Grand Finale (PBR)
Grand finale
Margaret Merril
Margaret Merril
This one looks interesting too
Knock Out (PBR)
There so many beautiful blooms and I only have room for one or two more,well when all the front yard is cleared of cars and the driveway is concreted and finished then i can organised rest of beds,a fig and a couple of citrus are going out there too,trying to get a cottage feel....


Im just taking a wee break from being artistic and having a coffee from Hubby's latest toy,with his latest hobby,Australian Coffee,this ones a mix of  Dreamtime and Skyebury Dk Roast, from Estate Coffee and Im told Wild Bush bean is his specialty.
There are some wonderful plantations of coffee here in Au, I knew it was grown here abut never knew much about it..Anyway Its a bit lower in caffeine so if after a hit it wont help as much as the "nasty" imports but I'm enjoying the Cappachinos as home (and at work as Ive got a machine there for my use)
I've been checking out some other blogs lately,well today anyway!!
Dairing ,OMG I want this and this and this. The first in orange,the second in black and the last in Grey silver..and they are just releasing a reflective yarn,so cool,I can see it as an edge to a hat or scarf. There is the red memory scarf kit I have stashed wonder which box.... getting past that,I still haven't ordered those Saltwater sandles, going for the lime as I can see them in my mind,if they are good I'll go see about the orange ones...
Pinterest has me in again,  found some more cool pics this morning while looking for inspiration, there's so much colorful and clever peoples out there,like Olga and  this ones interesting too, if I ever get to travel to the US it will be to get to Rhinebeck!!
Even this one caught my eye as now having a Knitters loom Im on the look out for interesting things I can do
Ok back to work,squeezing paint out of tubes and playing with bits... but a pic to leave with

Monday, October 22, 2012


Im feeling tired this afternoon,hmm how interesting, well that's the truth,Hubbys off giving son no 3 the last instruction before he attempts the log book in the morning,now theres an issue,he said as they went out the door,havent got time,too much to do and blah blah blah,all I could think was,why didnt you do the little things before instead of leaving til now? why because hes a man and men cant plan....he let the dentist book our sons appointment first thing in morning,8.30,leaving one son to get to school here by himself,9.30 he rocked up....
I give up trying to fathom or reason ,Im quite happy to get up at 5.30 ,make kids lunch bags.get to work at 6 and work late some days,try to do something towards study when I get home and also get something decent on the table
The sheer pleasure I get from seeing my manicured GREEN lawns at school is indescribable not yellow and bare like before, I've learned to cope with the crap coming my way by treating these gardens as an extension of my own,it becomes more interesting,its less effort,i don't feel like a servant and if I'm ignored?  well who cares,I know I'm human and I'm only doing this job to give my sons a better chance and also to pay my own education,
seriously though I can stand in plain view and everyone walks past,they simply don't see me , lol it reminds of my Fathers veiwpoint ,peace and quiet with no A****** to annoy you,lol
Im giving myself the night off tonight,have a feeling Im coming down with no 2 tonsil bug,bugger,have an interview with new school for No 4 on Wednesday,and a dentist appointment too for me,God damn it,Ill swallow a pile of zinc tonight with horseradish by the bottle,helped before...
anyhow I might spin a little tonight
look at this Batt Oh dear,I must not look as I soo much spinning stuff its not funny! Oh and this one too
Ok another pic for fun!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Another one bites the dust

well nearly,Im a few hours off from sending in Assignment one, with the last due in 4 weeks,I m excited to feel the connection with my work,only problem with this assignment is that I think Ives spread myself too far but the tutor will help me if she thinks I need clarification on direction, the trouble is I get excited about a
" thing" I want to pint whether its a flower poking out of the sand dune or the shadows under a spinifex plant,or even the glow of the shimmering white salt,time will tell
Anyhow havent got that much to talk about,
Knitting,finished a sock in 8 ply Opal,sitting waiting for friend to join it
Over the heel in another one in Happy,bamboo/nylon,very pretty pinks,took a bit to like knitting but once I got going was happy knitting especilly with warmer weather
Half way through Pretty in Pink,have to find bigger needles to finish front edge
Spinning,stalled big time there but have about two thirds of a bump of Charleys Navajo Sheep, Churro top,destined for socks sooo hoping enough yardage
Fell in and was naughty and caught a bump of Mandies Shropshire dyed top from a dear destasher on Ravelry
And saw a link on FB  by Mandie for another batt in golds etc oh my must resist !
Im going to plunge in and buy a pair of SAltwater sandles this weekend as a teat for finishing Sub,shouldnt spend money but they are a nostalgic reminder of childhood,Jesus Sandles,only have to choose between lime green and the limited edition ORANGE!!
Ok Im having a brief break from polishing off Sub so off to see what Retromummy and Foxs Lane are up to!
Just a pic cause I can
Edited to add,one link was wrong,Sorry!!

Sunday, October 14, 2012


These holidays have gone too fast, I'm enjoyed the work on my own though it doesnt seem  Id done much cause we had two wind storms that came through and spread leaves and red dirt everywhere,the lawns have greened up except for one which I hope this next couple weeks it wll catch up.Hoping anyway as new **** isnt very desirable in that department and on all accounts ,well we wont go there.
Im on the down hill run for the next assignment,though I dont have to have these works actually finished I have to show some work,
I really like this one and thinking of putting it in as a finished piece but that's about all I've done so far except for those I showed previously
This little fello showed up today
So happy as sadly the kids came in last week and murdered one and injured his mate so to see this one who I think is the one I normally feed is just up lifting.They mate for life and if one dies the other wont repair,I rescued the injured one(he had a cracked skull) did first aid(kept him warm and quiet) called the lovely Wendy (WIRES) who came promptly and run her into the Kalgoorlie Vets where she was treated and apparently now at another WIRES carer. I shall be watching keenly to see this ones as safe I can make it.
Went to work this arvo as I couldn't get peace at home to work on assignment, didn't get much there either  but got a bit done
Kambalda Car Ute Bike show was on this weekend too, The Big Attraction!!
 Bestie Friends other halfs toy!!  Agrona with a full paint job,very out there!!!
Another of the old school bikes
 and another
Surprising no big Hondas just this little one
In a couple years Ill have one or more of my girls finished and rideable then Ill show them!

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Been out again!!!

Lake Lefroy!!
And my two babies
13 and 15 When with these stop growing??? the others are much taller so I'm presuming this two will go there as well!
Anyhoo,I went back for more research work and I needed to try a couple of ideas, I'm a little lost and need to connect Indigenous history with White man,i think I have something happening so will do the usual throw stuff around in VD and then get painting etc,this time I can also use other media so I'm giving poetry verse writing a go too
One installation idea...a practice run,thinking positive and negative,this is a sneak peak,cant reveil everything as I have to use it in Submission.
More floral..
And of course the ore train on the way home(we took the bush track along train line"

Don t think the driver was impressed or otherwise,he decidedly bored looking out the window as they went past! 

Thursday, October 04, 2012

The latest one...

                                                    "Portulaca",oil, 2012

Its getting warmer

and the garden is blooming!!
Scarlet pea,cant remember its Botty name

 See a theme here????????????
Ive had a beaut week and another to come where I get to enjoy the wonders of gardening!
Oh knitting,im nearly finished the first sock in 8ply Opal,a stripey one with dk pink ,candy pink and black/whites..................